Establishing itself as a staple in the Boston Public Market, Noodle Lab is a fast casual restaurant serving fresh and uniquely crafted Asian dishes to the Boston community. Audrey Yap, Noodle Lab’s co-founder, discovered her passion for food after spending countless summers in her grandmother’s kitchen in Malaysia.

With a family background in the restaurant industry, Audrey decided to bring her experience from Tucson to Boston where she met Brian, her fellow co-founder, and brought Noodle Lab to life. Audrey and Brian first began their venture at Commonwealth Kitchen, exploring different recipes and growing alongside other companies in the restaurant business.

Their time at Commonwealth Kitchen led them to where they are today: a blossoming business with three and a half years of experience, looking to grow and learn every day.


Nestled between Indonesia and Thailand, Malaysia is an incredibly multiethnic country. Like its culture, Malaysia’s cuisine is influenced by the various countries surrounding it. The curry broth recipe from Audrey’s grandmother combines spices, ingredients, and tastes from the different areas of Malaysia she visited. The flavor is multifaceted — each layer representing her grandmother’s unique life experiences.